Bruce College Online Revision Courses

Online class format & access

Our online courses are pre-recorded. Upon successful purchase, students will 2 emails, one containing a temporary password and username for the course(s). Classes cannot be downloaded to a local device and are only available between the dates published.


Notes are available to download. Students are advised to prepare and review the notes prior to watching the recorded classes. While it is not completely necessary, it is advisable to have a hard copy printed or have the notes on display on a different digital device while watching the videos.

Can I re-play recorded classes?

Yes, you may access the Notes and Videos as often as you wish during the specified access period on our home page.

Can I use different devices for playback?

Yes, you may use different devices to view the course materials. Only one device can be used at any one time. The licence facilitates a single user. Abuse of privilege will result in blocked access.

Refund Policy

The nature of our products is that materials can be accessed and downloaded immediately upon purchase. Purchases are therefore non-refundable. Please see the Sample videos for our course(s) and make sure you are satisfied that our content will meet your requirements before making your purchase. Courses are accessible for the period specify on our home page.

Whom do I contact if I have difficulty accessing my online classes?

Within a few minutes of placing your order, you should receive two emails, as follows:

  1. one email which itemises the Courses you purchased, and
  2. a second email with Subject Line “Your Bruce College Revision Courses account has been created!” containing your username and password which you will use to log in at this site and access your Courses.

If your emails don't arrive, please CHECK YOUR SPAM folder before contacting us. If you definitely have not received the emails, then please send us a message via our contact page or contact revisioncourses@brucecollege.ie so that we can provide you with your login details.