Our Teachers

Aoife Kearney

Chemistry, Biology
In Bruce College, we're all trying to figure out how Aoife's Leaving Cert students consistently get the amazing Biology and Chemistry results they do each year! If you're studying the sciences, you will benefit greatly from Aoife's courses. Click through and listen to a sample video right now…

Dominick Donnelly

Applied Maths, Physics
It's not an exaggeration to describe Dominick as 'Mr Applied Maths'. After all, he is publisher of the Applied Maths textbook used all over the country. But his knowledge doesn't stop there. He also teaches Leaving Cert physics. If you're taking either of those subjects for your Leaving Cert, you don't need to look further than his video courses available right here. Dominick has over 20 years’ teaching experience with Bruce College.

Sean O'Brien

‘Breaks it down and makes it easy’…..’Best maths teacher I ever had’…..’I went from struggling at Maths to looking forward to my classes when I started with Mr. O’Brien’. Over 25 years of experience teaching Higher Level Maths to Leaving Cert students in Cork… Need we say any more?

Sara Ottosan

Science, Home Economics
Students say Sara ‘makes science easy’. Sara has made Science a subject that many students have pursued to Leaving Cert due to her inspirational teaching. Excellent notes published in colour with questions to assist in the learning process.

Tara Raymond

Highly regarded and well sought after by many students for private tuition. Tara is a teacher of Leaving Cert students in Bruce College and is an experienced examiner.

Micheál Ó Ruairc

Micheál is a well known author and past examiner of the Irish Leaving cert. course. Micheál has a passion for the Irish language and culture that is reflected in his teaching.

Hugh Nagle

Hugh has been teaching Leaving Cert French for more than 30 years and is publisher of Le nouveau Français Plus magazine for Leaving Cert. Apart from teaching and editing Français Plus, he is also creator and host of Learn French by Podcast.

David Loughrey

David is our Leaving Cert English teacher but before ever joining our staff had vast experience of teaching Higher Level students. In David's revision course, he will take you through the structure of the LC exam, the themes and characters in King Lear, different approaches to the works of Séamus Heaney and Sylvia Plath, and a lot more.

Brendan O'Sullivan

Brendan is nationally a highly regarded teacher of Maths for many years. Brendan has a passion for Maths reflected in his involvement with the Teaching Council of Ireland, Mathsfest, Subject advisor, researcher and facilitator of National Programmes. Brendan has researched an analysis of Maths at second level in Ireland to Doctorate level.

Claire Kennefick

French, Junior Cert
Claire has been involved in teaching French revision course to Junior Certs in Bruce College for over ten years. Students have enjoyed Claires’ engaging style and excellent notes. The course breaks down the more complicated parts of Junior Cert French and makes this course accessible to all levels.

Kevin O’Callaghan

Kevin is regarded as a ‘Legend’ by his students. Meticulous and thorough in his method of teaching this challenging subject. Kevin’s students consistently exceed national grade averages each year.